I have a handful of sister-friends who I love dearly, and today while I was browsing the aisles of HomeSense, one of them called and we spent sometime catching up.

Partway through the call, she asked me to hold and I overheard her and order an
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.

When I heard her say “Apple Pecan Chicken Salad” followed by “Full size“, I knew she could only be at one place… Wendy’s! I asked if that was where she was, and she confirmed that I was right.

She told me she hadn’t ordered a salad from there in a while, and somehow it had come up in one of her conversations earlier in the week with another friend. She had made her own salad, but was worried that the heat today had destroyed it. Hence the decision to visit the Wendy’s Drive-Thru today.

I told her that I had woken up that morning deciding I would have a Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad from Wendy’s for my lunch. What a coincidence!

All this is random girl-talk… I know but trust me I’m going somewhere with it.

Anyways we eventually ended our conversation and I left the mall for the Wendy’s on my way home.

The strange thing is that as I was pulling up to place my order, I couldn’t change my mind from getting a FULL size when I normally always, I mean always get the HALF. I wasn’t more hungry than usual. And a half size fills me up pretty well. So why all of a sudden the need to get a full size? Was it just because my girl had gotten a full? Was I really that impressionable?!

I just sent my girl a message relaying all this, telling her I was struggling to finish my lunch. She replied saying that the whole time she was eating, she was thinking she should have gotten a HALF salad instead. This had me LOL-ing and SMH-ing.

How many times have I made a decision because of the influence of another? Probably thousands of times! Scary right?

We hear the word “Influencer” being used more and more in this age of Social Media. I like to think I’m someone who is very good at picking up when a person I follow on YouTube or Instagram is trying to influence me to buy a product.

But mehn, my experience today taught me a few things:

  1. It’s okay to follow the footsteps of someone you love and respect BUT… ALWAYS listen to yourself and trust your own instincts. This is especially true when you have experience of your own! I mean I have ordered this salad countless times, and a half portion has been plenty. Lol
  2. People’s opinions about anything can change… so just because you see someone endorsing something today, does not mean they will feel the same tomorrow. And that is perfectly okay (unless of course they were being dishonest from the beginning… that is not okay).
  3. Influence is often subtle and acts at the subconscious level. I didn’t order my salad saying to myself, “My girl got a FULL therefore I will get a FULL too”. It wasn’t until I was struggling to finish it that I realized what had happened.
  4. Don’t underestimate the impact your words or opinions have on others… even if they pretend not to be listening.
  5. An influencer may have been influenced themselves… perhaps by someone else THEY love and respect (or by a paycheque as is sometimes the case on Social Media).

After all this talk, you might be asking wondering if we finished our salads?

Yes we did!

We also had a good laugh because we both have Majors in Psychology.


Did this post influence you to go to Wendy’s? Lol.

P.S. This is not sponsored in anyway shape or form. Neither Wendy’s nor HomeSense know who I am.



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Yéyé Fadoju

I'm a Nigerian woman living in Canada who is learning, growing and taking steps towards becoming the best version of myself. I'm here to share what has helped me, hoping I can help others too.

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