Lessons from My Pregnancies

Hello Friends!

In the time I have been away, our family has grown by an ENTIRE human being!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since our Baby Boy was born and our lives were changed forever… for the second time around.

I’ll be honest with you and say that thankfully, I’ve had very unexciting and uneventful pregnancies. Other than 1st trimester BLUES and EXHAUSTION (putting it very lightly), I didn’t suffer from morning sickness, sciatica, or any of the common/uncommon pregnancy issues.

I had a fibroid tumor that was diagnosed during my first pregnancy when I noticed that my baby-bump was quite lopsided. But since the fibroid was on the outside wall of my uterus, and not inside – where my daughter remained nice and cozy for exactly 40 weeks – it caused no issues at all.

I must say that I enjoyed my first go at being pregnant more than I did my second. Probably because this time, I was taking care of a toddler under two, while moving from Manitoba to Ontario in my 3rd trimester.

What’s more, I felt like I had a lot more time to prepare for our daughter’s arrival. And anyone who knows me well, knows I like to research, educate myself and be as ready as I possibly can.

Ain’t nothing catching me off guard if I can help it! Lol.

I spent more time pampering myself with prenatal massages; more time reflecting on how our lives were about to change; more time reading books, meditating and praying for the new life that was being formed; more time generally bonding with my unborn child.

I was more diligent with exercising, stretching and taking walks; more conscious of what I was eating; more consistent with taking my vitamins.

And most importantly, I wasn’t in labour during, my prenatal class (emphasis on “pre”).

Yeah, I was waaaaay more prepared the first time around!

First Pregnancy at 39 weeks, by Melanie of Prairie and Pine Photography

For baby no. 2, because I was slacking on the things I was “supposed” to be doing, I had moments when I worried that this pregnancy/labour/delivery… even this baby (I am very ashamed to say) would not be as “good” as my first.

Please don’t judge me, I’m already judging myself.

I wrongly attributed my wonderful experience the first time, to the things I did, and forgot that it was all really, truly, COMPLETELY out of my control.

After all, Serena Williams, arguably the fittest woman on the planet (I said arguably ooo… before you come for me), still had a heck of a complicated delivery and she almost certainly did a whole lot more preparation than I did.

2nd Pregnancy @ 35 weeks, by Nirvana of Nirvana C Photography

Bottom line – it wasn’t by my power, or by me checking off a “Pregnancy To-Do” list, or accumulating points based on how many steps I walked a day. It was all by God’s Grace.

Yes, I prayed for what I desired for both pregnancies, both deliveries and both babies. And God was gracious enough to answer. He was gracious enough to spare me from any stress, complications or heartbreak. He was gracious enough to bless me with healthy babies both times, and allow me to walk out of the hospital whole and happy.

NOT because I’m more special than Serena or any other woman out there. But because He is God and His plans, purpose and path for me are different (not better… different) from His plans, purpose and path for Serena or any other woman.

If you are struggling to get through your pregnancy due to symptoms or scares, if you had a traumatic labour or your delivery didn’t go as planned, if you are anxious about your health or the health of your your baby/babies… please know that this is only part of YOUR journey.

And regardless of how dark and scary it may seem now…

OWN it (don’t let it own or control you),

SHARE it (with “Dear Diary” if that’s all you’re comfortable with),

And trust that it WILL conclude beautifully!



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